Ideas in fusion has developed an entrepreneurial solution which is the INNOVATIVE AND SUSTAINABLE ENTREPRENEURSHIP FOR YOUTHS IN AFRICA  (ISE-YA) to make a positive contribution towards addressing the challenge of youth unemployment in Africa. ISE-YA will involve the development of products that will create sustainable employment opportunities for the youth in Africa. Interestingly, ISE-YA in the yoruba language translates to 'it's time to work' , indeed the ISE-YA branded products are well positioned to create "work" for the unemployed African youth.

The first in line of these products is the innovative ISE-YA MULTI BUSINESS CART. The ISE-YA MULTI BUSINESS CART is a fusion of agricultural value-chain transformation, agent banking services, renewable energy generation, and a mobile barbershop. The ISE-YA MULTI BUSINESS CART offers five business services in one product package.

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IDEAS in FUSION  invented the mobile hand powered orange juice production and retail push cart in 2015, a unique feature of this invention is the ability to produce bottled fresh orange juice without the use of electric power.

The Oran-go micro agribusiness delivers an average  net profit margin of about 50% and an annual return on Investment greater than 350%

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